Kangaroo Two-In-One Concealed Backpack & Hip Bag

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Our 5th iteration of the Kangaroo Concealed Backpack and small hip bag are combined by using a modular system method. This combo can be used as a backpack, or as a backpack and separate hip bag.

Five connection points secure these bags: four plastic buckles and one Velcro piece on the front of the backpack attach to the Velcro on the back of the hip bag.

The conceal carry pocket (recommend the compact firearms with a Kydex holster) in the back of the backpack has Velcro inside, ready to install the Kydex holster (not a universal holster). It features two side opening options for right-handed or left-handed access. The closures are zippered outside, with two magnetic points of closure inside.

Constructed with 1080 Denier military grade, water-resistant nylon fabric.


Backpack: 5 pockets, outline size: 10"x18"

         Back pocket(Conceal carry): 8.5"x10"

         Main pocket: 10"x14"x2.5"

        Pocket inside of the main pocket: 6.5"x6"

        Pocket outside of the main pocket: 10"x11"

Hip Bag: 4 Pockets, outline 7"x9"

       Back pocket: 5"x7"

      Pocket: 8"x5"(sewn in Velcro)

      Main pocket: 5"x6.5"x1.75"




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