Meet the Designer and Creator of Ukoala Bag and UUB

I am Mayan, the creator and designer of the 

UKoala Bag (pronounced YOU-Koala Bag)

and the founder of the company. 

Here's a brief summary of my life in America: 

In the early years of 2007-2011, I was a caretaker for my husband, who suffered from cancer. 
After his passing in 2011, I was not able to find a good paying job, even though I held two Civil Engineering bachelor degrees and an Associates degree in Interior Design which I earned in the USA.  

In 2012, I started my journey with designing and manufacturing Ukoala Bags, and not a single day passed when I wasn't wearing one of my designs. They were my best friend, my constant companion and went everywhere with me. 
The journey was as not so smooth. I entered into partnerships with a company and then an individual that weren't a good fit for me and had a bad impact on the company; the latter cost me my previous company that had seven years of a positive business history. 
Sign... but 
I'm a determined woman, so I picked myself up and in 2020 I started my new company, UUB,LLC (Urban Utility bags). My original patented Ukoala Bag is my flagship product, and I've expanded my business to include the new Panda Bag and UUB bag lines. 
My heart and my soul are dedicated to all of them; the detail in the stitching, the hardware selected, and the materials are more than just beautiful qualities of the final products - they are music to my ears. 
I believe wholeheartedly in my bags, and I know you do too! 
The years of hardship I endured to to reach this point in my career makes me a stronger woman and results in a mature Ukoala Bag product! I can’t ask for more, and I feel truly blessed.

Thank you for my wonderful team member! I am truly blessed by all the wonderful people around me. 
Thank you for all the friends support! Without your help, I will not be a strong person I am now! And believe me, we will continue developing new products, other individual’s unauthentic action will have no solid standing ground. 

My English is not perfect, but my brain works just fine. 









 (like Mayan culture)