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Best Hiking Day Packs

Small hiking bags that organize all your valuables

From short day hikes to all-day adventures into the backcountry, whether you are biking to work or hitting the trail after work, you’ll want the right multifunction bag that works for every place you go. 

The Original Ukoala bags prove useful for carrying your essentials while hiking, allowing you to ditch your backpack and keep your hands free.  We crafted the most stylish bags for hiking, biking, city life, and more.  The original Ukoala bags wear many hats:  backpack, crossbody bag, waist bag, sling bag, fanny bag, hip bag. They can be used for leisurely strolls, intense hikes, or a ride through town or all of these activities in the same day!

These bags are the best hiking waist bags for all your outdoor activities. Not only do they function as a hiking hip bag to help keep you hands free on your hikes, they can also be worn as a small hiking backpack, and crossbody hiking bag! 

Made of durable water resistant nylon, these bags can keep your valuable attached to your body at all times, so you can be ready for whatever activities your travels bring you. 


Hike in Style!

Backpack, Crossbody Bag, Waist Bag, Sling Bag, Fanny Bag Hip Bag


A Little Bit About Us :)

The Original Ukoala Bag and Urban Utility Bags) are hand-made for heavy duty usage. They are concealed carry compatible. Don't carry? Don't worry!  Our bags are the perfect solution for motorcycle riding, horseback riding, hiking, camping, attending events...the uses are unlimited!

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