About us

With ten years of utility bag product development experience, owner and creator Yan Ma opened UUB(Urban Utility Bags) to serve as a primary retailer of utility and crossover bags. Ukoala Bag was her first baby, she has more design coimng!

UUB retails personal carry bags that keep everyday essential items organized, secure, and within easy reach. There are countless applications, such as:

  • Motorcycle riders can keep gear like gloves, keys, wallet, smokes, gum/mints, etc. secured to your thigh for easy access
  • Concealed carriers find that our bags keep firearms discreetly concealed. The sewn-in velcro is perfect for an optional holster to secure your handgun.
  • Concert-goers, with everyday items securely attached to the hip, can put his or her full attention on the performance and not on a purse or hand-held organizer.
  • Shopping and running errands can truly be a hands-free experience. No more worries about leaving your bag in a cart, on a restaurant chair, or even theft!
  • Drive without fumbling for necessities. Everything is at your fingertips, right when U need it.
  • Theme parks and festivals can be enjoyed hands-free instead of wearing bulky, less secure backpacks. Our bags hold your phone, bottled water, sunscreen, tickets, snacks and other items needing quick access.
  • No need to unclip your bag in the restroom.  Simply lift the waist belt up and keep your bag safe, clean and secure.
  • Anywhere you're on the go, load your daily essentials in one of our bags, and go have a hands-free enjoyable day without worrying about losing your keys, wallet, glasses, or phone.

    With great craftsmanship and authentic material, our bags are top quality and its uses are endless!