Warranty, Returns & Exchanges

UUB believes in transparency in our customer communication and customer service. We offer a limited warranty on all registered bags for manufacturing defects with stitching, hardware, and zippers; note that material/fabric issues are not covered. 

We also carry a full 30-day return or exchange policy on our products. (Note:  If you purchased your bag from a 3rd party seller, retailer, trade show, fair, festival, etc., please contact the 3rd party seller directly for their return and exchange policy.) 



1. FILL OUT THE REQUEST FORM and follow the simple instructions. Download Form

2. Send the completed form to info@uubgear.com with "Return Request" in the title, along with any photos and information requested. 

3. Follow shipping instructions included in the request form inside package--It is very important to avoid the longer turn around time.

4. Sit back and relax.  Our Customer Service team takes care of the rest!