A few of the many exciting customer comments we've heard include:

"This is the absolute real deal!"
"Thank you so much! You designed this bag just for me!"
"Buy one. You won't regret it and will never leave without it!"


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I have shoulder issues, so this bag was purchased with “medical justification“! It’s going to save me a lot of money with fewer ‘medical massage therapy / chiropractor’ visits! But seriously... it is so versatile, it is amazing... and it is a load lifted off my shoulders...  

---Grace Graves 

 ... I feel like it was designed personally for me! I am so thrilled with this product, both for concealed carry and for storing my everyday items. So much thought went into design, comfort, versatility, and weight distribution. I enthusiastically recommend this product for anyone! Keep up the great work...  

---Kat Lapatovich Healy

 ...have my hands free, and this is perfect! The conceal carry aspect is wonderful as well, as most cc bags are ugly, huge, or obvious, exactly what I don't want. I love the versatility of having multiple ways to wear the bag as well! I went to a Sports show today, and at least 10 people asked about my Ukoala bag. 

---Kelly Johnson

...I have worn my bag every day for over two years... still durable, no tears or equipment malfunctions. The Quality speaks for itself. I am a huge fan and everyone in my family has one as well....we ride motorcycles, horses and I work with the elderly. I love my bag because it gives me hands-free ability and holds everything I could ever need to have with me...  

---Laura Roges

Just tested my Ukoala Bag (Yeti IV - Standard) and I am in love with it. The photos do not do this bag justice. Looks much better in person. Very high quality and it shows. It fits my full-size Beretta 96 (40 cal.) and other survival items while I was hunting in Ocala, FL. The bag performed phenomenally during my stalks not making any noise. Stayed locked on my leg through all positions and was extremely comfortable. I sling my rifle over my back while I hunt and having my back free for that was incredible. I highly recommend it and my hunting buddies now want my bag. For concealed carry, I can draw my gun with one hand almost instantly. Buy one, you won't regret it and will never leave without it. 

---Enrique Recio

Dying of cancer (Pancreatic & Liver), purchasing this was top on my bucket list. Enjoy it so much my wish is to expire with it either on or beside me. I encourage everyone to get one & love life even more. God is great & so are Ukoala Bags.

---Phil Martin

 ...I just bought my first UkoalaBag (Dragon), and it was love at first sight! ....This will be perfect as a daily use, and travel bag! Thank you so much for making such a quality product, that actually fits me! Right off the bat, I can tell that the materials and stitching are phenomenal. If you're on the fence about purchasing one for yourself, just DO IT! 

---Magdalena Tarasiewicz

 ...I love my bag! I was never one for purses, and I wanted something different that was no hassle, durable, comfortable, and pretty much went with anything. This bag is all of that and more! I take it with me everywhere! And to top everything off...

---Heather Ulsh

...Now, I have no worries... It's strapped securely to my body so there's no risk of someone trying to snatch my bag from me. I Love UkoalaBag. It has made my life so much easier, and hands-free to do what I want to do....Thank you so much for your genius idea... 

---Nancy Saunders

...securely attached to my leg, now in restaurants, there is no more having to place my bag on the floor or an unprotected chair. Not only is this bag useful, but also provides security and peace of mind. Truly a bag for all ages.


...They make a great concealed carry option for everyone!


...it's so practical for me with my shoulder issue. I've got my UkoalaBag on as I walk out the door. Best investment made lately... Thank you for your creative insight! 


....I ordered mine last Friday and it arrived today. I am so in love with this bag. It's worth it for the price. I always thought it was ridiculous to spend so much money on any bag but I don't regret it. I love that it has all the pockets and love it's a carry conceal. Great job y'all on a fabulous bag!!!!!

---Amber Nicole Barge

... I immediately experienced relief from the pain of a heavy bag pulling on my shoulders.


…so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it. …and there is a nice big roomy pocket for my pistol.

---Jean Marie Holtz Smith

...I adore the UkoalaBag more than I can adequately describe...I can put so much of my supplies in there. Not to mention it looks pretty bad-ass.  

---Briana Lamb

...This is the most useful, spacious, comfy, and stylish bag I have ever owned! It is amazing for travel, and fits my entire (massive) wallet, passport, hand sanitizer, lip balm, change purse, map, phone; you name it...

---Tasha Mills

...I can't imagine going to work without it! No matter what kind of clothes I'm wearing...  

---Samantha Bartlett

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Real Customers Sharing Their Ukoala Love

Fits Any Style

UkoalaBag Carry Bag for Any Style

Young or Old

A Style for Everyone

UkoalaBag for Men and Women to Carry tools, guns or other items

Great for Motorcycles

More Convenient than Backpacks or Saddlebags

UkoalaBag for motorcycle hip carry of important quick access items

Fits Any Body

Regardless of Shape or Size, the UkoalaBag is a Perfect FitUKoala Bag for the super slim, misses, or plus sizes

A Mom's Best Friend

Keep Necessities at Your Hip and Your Hands Free for Baby

For mothers with small children who need a way to carry necessities in an ultra convenient way

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