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We are driven to provide the best design solutions and quality products
to overcome the issues that plague traditional handbags and backpacks.  

Some of the many challenges faced when it comes to handbags
and backpacks include shoulder & back pain of traditional heavy bags,
self-protection needs such as concealed carry, organizational needs,
and easy access to items.


Why purchase a UKOALA BAG?

Maximum Comfort and Weight Distribution
A bag meant to keep U comfortable, organized, and hands-free,
the UKOALA BAG is the most comfortable bag you’ll ever wear.
With a design that’s engineered to provide the best weight distribution to
your body, U almost forget that you’re wearing it! Designed to snuggly
hug your body, the bag will not swing and dangle when U move.
You no longer have to deal with the constant hassle of bags that slip off
your shoulder or weigh U down. The UKOALA BAG also keeps all your items
organized and within easy reach.
Great Organization and Amazing Carrying Capacity
The design incorporates functional pockets in layers to keep all your essentials
highly organized. It's like your own personal items tool bag with multiple organizing pockets.
All of your valuable belongings, including your wallet, phone, tablet, ID, passport,
cash and credit cards are organized and easily accessible.
Flexibility To Wear As Needed
The UKOALA BAG has multiple flexible belts giving U the option to wear the
bag on your waist as a hip bag, fanny bag, leg bag, waist bag, thigh bag, 
or holster bagYour bag can also be worn as a messenger bag or shoulder bag.  
When your bag is strapped securely to your thigh, it acts as a deterrent
against theft and minimizes the risk of street robbery.
Alternate Practical Uses for Leg Straps
Examples of practical leg strap usage are shown below including
securing your bag to your leg, hanging articles of clothing,
attaching coats and wraps securely to the body.
Our mom-friendly design means hands are free to care for children.
  Straps offer a handle for toddlers to hold as well.
Vintage Fashion
 Hiking and Around the Town
Dog Walking
Authentic Materials
UKOALA BAGS are available in many different materials including 
eco-friendly 100% cotton canvas, high-quality leather,
synthetic leather and water-resistant nylon fabrics. Different color and material
combinations are available to satisfy individual needs and personal expression.

Attention to Details with a Unique Edged Look
We pay great attention to the details. Our heavy-duty, vintage-styled smoking buckles
and hardware will never go out of style.  With our special production method,
each bag passes up to 45 production processes.  UKOALA BAGs are hand-sewn
and produced to ensure maximum quality and comfort. The bags go through one of
two types of washes. The canvas bags are enzyme-washed to achieve a unique
vintage look and rid the bag of any chemical residue.
We also developed an exclusive washing process for our leather bags
to achieve a chemical free leather with a satisfyingly rich and soft touch.
Durable, Recyclable, Eco-friendly:
We use high-quality materials, including heavy duty
vintage-style buckles and hardware guaranteed for
10 Years with normal usage.

When are UKOALA BAGs especially useful?

Anytime, anyplace, and anywhere!

Motorcycle Riding

Concealed Carry

  Horseback Riding

Music Festivals, Outdoor Events and Nights Out

 Outdoor Sports, Hiking, Hunting

Traveling, Everyday Style, and Fashion Trends

 Trade Shows and Conventions Such as DragonCon and Cosplay

And Many More Uses!

What are you looking for?