Gear Up For Riding

Gear Up For Riding

Warmer weather is on the way, and that means motorcyclists are revving up their engines and headed out on the open road! If you're like most bikers, the fatigue of wearing a backpack to carry essentials, or the inconvenience of not being able to easily access gear in your saddlebags without stopping is a total drag.

Our Ukoala bags offer a perfect hands-free solution to carry your stuff while you ride. Simple, secure, organized, and convenient - everything right where you need it when you need it.

But don't take our word for it - here's the feedback we've received:

  • It saves space in my saddlebags. (SANDRA)
  • Wore it on my first trip on my new bike. I never knew it was there until I needed it. Very comfortable and no problems! (JEAN)
  • Would highly recommend one to anyone who rides or wants the security of having their bag secured on them! (CHRISTINA)
  • As a motorcycle rider, this bag is the best!! Keeps things close at hand and holds a great deal. (TI-SHEN)
  • Best solution for carrying phone keys, etc. while riding our choppers. (BRIAN)
  • I absolutely love this bag! Perfect for the motorcycle. (KATLYN)
  • I ride an Indian motorcycle and love having my “stuff” within easy reach. (MELANIE)
  • We ride motorcycles; I can get to everything I need without mooching around. (MICHELLE)
  • I wear it when I'm riding my Harley and I can't even tell it's there! (LEIGH)
  • Road over 220 miles on the rain. My Dragon did great. (DENISE)
  • Just what I need for trips on the bike with my husband! (SUSAN)
  • If you enjoy riding your motorcycle but are tired of a large backpack, this is perfect. (AMBER)
  • I have been in a motorcycle wreck wearing this bag and it took a bullet for me. Came out without a scratch. (DENISE)
  • Great bag for motorcycling! (KATHY and CONNIE) 
  • Great for riding a motorcycle, a mountain bike, and even jogging (SAVANNAH)
  • I use mine when I ride on my motorcycle. Unbelievably well-made and so comfortable, I forget I have it on. It's so nice to know I can have everything I need right on my leg. (MICHELLE)

Get it in gear, riders...UUB Gear, that is. Motor on over to our website ( and pick up bag today. Your ride will never be the same.


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