A Weight Off My Shoulders

A Weight Off My Shoulders

Like many active individuals, I’ve had my share of sports related injuries over the years. Never broke any bones, but I’ve had many sprains, strains, and torn ligaments. Multiple surgeries on my shoulders made it painful to wear a purse; it constantly slid off and down my arm, and by the end of the day, the weight of the purse caused back strain and discomfort.

Over time, I reluctantly resigned myself to carrying a purse in my hand. What a nuisance THAT was...leaving it in the cart while grocery shopping, placing it on the floor at a restaurant, spending time rooting through the interior trying to find something that I swore I’d brought with me. 

Then I discovered the Ukoala bag, an instant game changer! I dumped out the stuff in my purse and placed everything into the well-designed compartments for instant organization. Being able to wear the bag on my hip (and using the recommended leg strap attachment too) eliminated the shoulder pain, strain on my back, and keeps the bag where I need it so I can quickly and easily get to essential items when I need them.

My old purse? It is happily gathering dust on a shelf in my closet, along with a backpack that has also been replaced by my Ukoala bag.

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